Further Reading

We’ve all faced burnout–here are some quotes from around the community.

“Horde statistics: 1 in 3 thought about quitting because of stress, 75% are not engaged with their work, over 1 million absent per day…” - Avoiding Burnout: The Zombie Survival Guide - David Manners

“EDD [Experience Driven Development] - some basic information around the topic mental health/illness in IT” - EDD (Experience Driven Development) - Michael Scholl

“Mental disorders are the largest contributor to disease burden in North America, but the developer community and those who employ us are afraid to face the problem head-on. In this talk, we’ll examine the state of mental health awareness in the developer workplace, why most developers feel it isn’t safe to talk about mental health, and what we can do to change the culture and save lives.” - Stronger Than Fear: Mental Health in the Developer Community - Ed Finkler

“While critically important as a tool to help, these solutions also don’t directly address the path to burnout. They don’t tackle the systemic problems within both startups and larger organizations that lead to burnout. They gloss over the patterned behaviors of sociopathic (or even merely incompetent) managers.” - Dodging Burnout, 4 Hours at a Time - J. Paul Reed

“You didn’t mean to end up here. You didn’t even see it coming… It all started with a chance to earn a living doing something you loved. Your dream job. Creating things instead of rotting in a cubicle. You weren’t just going to make a living — you were going to leave your mark on the world.” - The Cult of Work You Never Meant to Join - Jason Lengstorf

“If… you work for someone for money, you’re just a factor of production… You’re trading your time, your skills, your talent for that money… Every time you stay after work late, you’re giving away that time away for free.” - Go the F*** Home - Pam Selle

“It is true that I would insist that I could handle it, and I guess I did, but don’t organizations have a responsibility to their employees to stop them from harming themselves in the name of the job?” - A Year of Fire and Fog - Alex Nobert

“Sometimes it’s the feelings of burnout… things we struggle with in our jobs, particularly with some of the ill-defined tasks that we get as software developers, and some of the high-stress workplaces that we put ourselves in that demand constant contact and constant availability.” - Node Up: Episode #80: A developer mental health show. - Rod Vagg, Aria Stewart, Ed Finkler, Greg Baugues

“I am aware of how programming is often coupled with depression and how entrepreneurship is often coupled with anxiety. I am aware of articles that imply these mood disorders are necessary in order to be good at these professions.” - Surviving Free Culture [Article] & [Talk] - Benjamin Lupton

“I have bipolar and ADHD and speak a lot about mental health in the tech community. I’m writing a book called Developers and Depression, and in 2013 I had the honor of speaking on the topic at the Business of Software conference. That 30 minutes on stage was one of the best things I’ve done with my life.” - Developers and Depression - Greg Baugues

“This time, about 8 minutes into his presentation, Stephen admitted that his previous year had been so stressful from industry burnout, that he seriously contemplated suicide. Everyone in the room was shocked.” - Karōjisatsu - John Willis

“Health is more important than anything else. If your job is driving you crazy and giving you high BP, my prescription is, ‘Try, try, then quit’.” - So your management fails at IT, huh? - Tom Limoncelli

“Burnout, in the broadest sense of the definition, refers to the emotions a person or organization experiences that are associated with mental or psychological exhaustion and/or cynicism over an extended period of time.” - What Is Burnout? - Information Technology Burnout Project

“Burnt out staff are likely to leave … or worse stay” - Burnout - DevOpsDays Ignite Talk - Mike Preston

“Then came that fateful day where I realised that I couldn’t go back. Something broke and it wasn’t going to be fixed easily.” - Burnout, Recovery and Honesty - Matt Wallace

“Currently, as an open-source maintainer of popular projects, we are greeted with screens like this each day… Let us share the techniques, resources, and support we’ve used before and those we use today to overcome these feelings of anxiety, guilt, and shame our roles as open-source maintainers are up against.” - Help Open-Source Maintainers Stay Sane - Benjamin Lupton, et al.

“Ultimately you should remember that downtime is precious. It’s not healthy to be in front of a computer, let alone working, all day and night. You might not be doing other people harm but you may be doing harm to yourself.” - Working Late, Responsibly - Dan Carley

“We can be more productive through sleep, meditation, and healthy habits than through editor shortcuts.” - Fighting Burnout - Nick Cox

“Suddenly, I realized that something had to give. I was forced to come to terms with how unsustainable my work-life balance had become. At one point, I had thought that my capacity for productivity was limitless. But now both science and my own body were directly contradicting the myth of the superhuman startup worker.” - A Moment to Breathe - Nick Cox

“Like everyone else, I thought that the common solution is to take a break and go on a holiday trip with loved ones or simply take a few days away from work once in a while. Holiday trips are always nice, but it didn’t exactly help me much, the effect didn’t last. Occasionally, I found myself to be extremely stressed just 2 days after I came back to work. It’s not because there were tons of work waiting, it’s not because the holidays were too short.” - My secret to getting rid of burnout permanently - Kent Nguyen

“In the long run, this is not great for companies’ overall health and more importantly for a team’s health and morale. There are already statistics about how churn in IT is the highest compared to other fields…” - On Burnout - Silvia Botros

“For many of us, the world we live in requires us to be on far more than the traditional 40 hours a week. In an ongoing effort to drive continuous delivery and improvement of the products and services we build and support, it’s not uncommon to labor, plan, or stress about something related to work outside of the 9-5 business hours. As a result, we risk damaging our relationships, health, or worse.” - Burnout In Tech - Jason Hand

“If you follow what you love, it will come back to you…” - Frustration Driven Development - Evan Light

“Humans have the astonishing ability to derive pleasure out of the most unlikely domains, and what could possibly be worse than a disease whose definition is ‘the inability to feel pleaseure?’” - Stanford’s Sapolsky On Depression in U.S. - Professor Robert Sapolsky

“Art and love are the same thing; they’re the process of seeing yourself in things that aren’t you.” -A Community of People, Not Projects - Carter Rabasa

“How’s your heart? How do you feel? What are you not saying that needs to be said?” - How to Avoid Burnout - Allison Schultz

“Because high-achievers are often so passionate about what they do, they tend to ignore the fact that they’re working exceptionally long hours, taking on exceedingly heavy work loads, and putting enormous pressure on themselves to excel—all of which make them ripe for burnout.” - The Tell Tale Signs of Burnout - Sherrie Bourg Carter Psy.D.