We value your ideas! If you’d like to help improve, do whatever works best for you:

Info for Contributing to

If you are looking to add content, fix formatting, syntax, typos or other wonderful things, please follow this process:

  • Install Sphinx: easy_install Sphinx sphinx_rtd_theme or pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Fork the repository to your own account
  • Check out a branch to make your changes on: git checkout --branch <my_topic>
  • Execute make html to build the docs in to _build/
  • Make your changes
  • Execute make html again and verify your changes don’t cause any warnings/errors
  • Commit with a descriptive message, and submit a pull request from your branch to master
  • We’ll review the change, and either merge it or provide some feedback. Community review is also encouraged.

A quick note if you’re adding a new heading:

Sphinx will error out if your title text is longer than the title underline. For example: /projects/ WARNING: Title underline too short.

And when you look at the title, you see:

This title is quite long...

Which will cause the error. Corrected, the tite would be more like:

This title is quite long...

Which will correct the issue. For any other issues you run into, hop into the Gitter channel and one of us will help out.

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